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Guardian Stat Balancing!

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  • Guardian Stat Balancing!

    1. Max level for all guardians increased to 170.

    2. Guardian Skill Changes


    New Max Proc Rate = 50


    New Max Proc Rate = 50


    New Skill Description: Deal WIS-based damage to all enemies.
    New Skill Discipline: wisdom
    New Max Proc Rate: 30

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    Hi, good job on the proc rate balancing although it seems to me that stats where not balanced at all.

    Gellantara is still the most powerful guardian with highest stats across the board. Eilwrath is the weakest, even claiming to have the highest AGI when in fact Gellantara has higher AGI than her. In terms of skill, Eilwrath is also the weakest as she only hits 3 but has pitiful damage to show for it. Gellantara and Traorin have the most powerful skill, but it only hits one, which is fair. But the other Guardian's hit entire lines or all enemies and it doesnt seem like Eilwrath is doing any more damage than those cards.

    If everything is deliberate, can you please explain why the stats are the way they are? Because at the current setup, it seems like anyone who didnt pick Gellantara, picked wrong.

    Thanks for your time! Caramel Tech Staff has always been one of the most engaging devs I have ever come across in these types of games.