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  • Trading

    Hi guys!

    Please share your thoughts and suggestions regarding 'Trading' here. It would be most helpful if both problems and their solutions were identified so we can do a better job at it.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all!


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    I have some possible suggestions for trading, it may be hard to do but gonna suggest anyway. The worst thing is putting up a properly evolved card and getting a badly evolved card in return. So how about a holding zone. You put the card you want to trade up for offer and it goes to the holding zone when someone tries to accept the offer their card also goes to the holding zone and the person who put the offer up has a limited time to view the card and either accept or reject the card. If rejected the card is returned. If accepted the cards are swapped. Also an auction type trade. You put a card up for offer for a limited time and other players can offer one/multiple cards. At the end of the time the owner gets to choose which he accepts. Something that annoys a lot of people with bloodbrothers is that you can offer a card up for multiple items but you can't put multiple cards/items up for 1 card. Also that you can only offer 5 trades per day. Having more trade slots would be good or still having 5 but when ones been accepted you get that trade slot back again. Just a few suggestions Loving the game by the way


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      The best trading features I have seen is with the game Epic Forces. Please make it possible to trade against all type of resources and cards. It is annoying to have a limitation on number of offers to put up. A way to remove this issue is to copy the way Fatal Frontier did it by allowing for counter offers to be put up. This will also prevent offers from being outdated if someone else put up the same card at a lower price.


      • skoby
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        Only problem with fatal frontier trade counter is that u never get what u want for a card. Even if u put a card up below value most will just counter. Look at ff now......cant tell me trading has nothing to do with it.

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      Can't seem to put my elementals up on trade, I have no idea why that is they don't even show up on list!