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  • Capturing

    Hi, id like to ask whether capturing of rare+ monsters is impossible on the maps, or just with very slim chance (which i wouldnt mind, but curious after so many encounters and never got to the stage where you can capture with stones). Thanks for the answer in advance

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    I've never seen a epic or rare either so I'm not really sure if we can but i assume later on with more updates we can


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      Yes you have. Just appears youre not aware of it. Those monsters that come solely, not in groups are mostly rares (even epic, not sure about uncommons, since i have no interest in those)


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        I think its easier to capture normal or uncommon then Rare or Epic (whenever it becomes available) I think if more events come we will know more about this feature. I do think the rate of percentage in achieving a Rare or Epic is much more slim then others. Which wouldn't be strange as they are better and you don't have to hope for pacts to get it.


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          Yea, that conclusion is logical, as thats how it generally works in these types of games. I dont mean to be rude, but i asked this question on forums to get answer from some of the devs or anyone from their team, to confirm whether the chances are slim or non existant. Not what other players think (unless they had chance to capture r+, hence had confirmed knowledge). Still thanks that you contributed your bit


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            Hi Filthylike,

            We have two capturing modes.

            1- Orb of Radiance (Captures defeated Elementals SOMETIMES)
            2- Orb of Mindorian (ALWAYS capture defeated Elementals)

            Rare or Epic appears rarely in maps and their capturing probability is 5-10% through Orb of Radiance and 100% through Orb of Mindorian.

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              I've never seen a epic or rare either so I'm not really sure if we can but i assume sizzling hot later on with more updates we can