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  • Glory points

    Ok, this is no longer fun. My points just got reset to 0 while others kept theirs. First time i worked my way through to rank2, yet i thought, nevermind its a new game that i enjoy a LOT and still has its flaws and got over it instantly. This time i worked my way through a lot harder, as i no longer had energy/mana resets through leveling up while competing with old players which got 130levels and over 10times bigger squad force. Yet i managed to work my way through to rank 5, and now all the points are gone. Hope you can do something about it.

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    Hi, My score got reset twice today. I was ranked 6th and heading for top 5 and now i am tailing my own self....
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      So, now i regained the glory points i made prior to today and lost those i made today, which basically obliterated my chance to hit top 5


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        Many thanx for resolving this problem! Cheers Rong


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          I guess u guys haven't read the news in the game they will reset the glory leaderboard every fifteen days, as is done in many other card games to make people keep striving and competing and they dont stay up there once they have gone up especially the ones who joined the game earlier, so to give newcomers also a good chance to go up, the leaderboard is reset in many games after a week or two.


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            They did. They wouldn't post stuff here if it's not invalid. These are valid errors and they know what they talk about. Why else would it be resolved and is rong now last time I checked number 4 global

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          @afriend: we all appreciate it, if there is some activity around, as not many players have found their way here. However, sometimes it is better to think first, or remain quiet. It doesn't help either if you turn a smarta** on each and everyone of us (I saw ur other posts). So lets stay nice, and constructive (to some degree ). Cheers


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            Hi Guys!

            The issue has already been fixed.

            Thanks Rong for appreciation!