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    What about every 24 hours there is a pvp tournament to determine who has got not only luck but also the best team. I was thinking about some draw in the hat style matching. If you win you go on if you lose your out. So if there are 16 players 8 go on, 8 go home, next round 4 go on and 4 go home till there is a winner. To enroll in this pvp tournament it could cost like 10k Gold #1; 30% #2; 20%, #3-4; 7% #5-8; 4% #9-16; 2% so if there are 100 enrollments #1 gets 300k gold, you also could give out Silver coins/Annalytes/Orbs those kind of things instead of the gold. If you win a round you get no glory points! Nor will you be able to use any bonus in your battle. So titlebonusses and full mana bonus are off! So you got both the same chances. Its not that 1 player wins always, you can change your pvp team every day, and an example; as player 1 can beat player 2; player 2 can beat player 3; however player 3 beats player 1. So this tournament is not only skill based but also luckbased. Id like to see 2 Leagues. Epic League and a Rare league (Beginner Epic is banned? Not sure, your choise) in epic league you may use all rarities. In the Rare leagues epics are banned, this is for newer players. But the rewards in The Rareleague will ofcourse be less than the epic League Also if this get implemented, I'd like if you put the fights in your battle log, so you can see how you did every match. How did you win? How did you lose? Let me know what you think of it, Im certain it doesnt cover everything, but I hope I made my point. Some fairplay tournament with rewards thanks for reading and responding

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    Hi Stangata,

    Thanks a lot! This is an excellent suggestion and we've shared it with our design team. We have some exciting updates coming up soon, and we'll also discuss with them of the possibility to add a tournament similar to how you have designed it.

    We really value your suggestion and hope you keep enjoying the game!

    Please check your bank


    Community Team
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      I am enjoying it, and I like these little things, like there are such many possibilities even with Guilds make a guild like with a Character and while you level your guild you level your character, every member up to 9 persons can only add 1 card in your Guildsteam and you can fight guilds this way, another possibility is that you make it like a Guild has 5 players representative for the guild. So guild va guild is a 5vs5 fight where you have to win 3/5 its still pretty new, Guilds will bring a whole new strategy. Or while this game gets bigger add like "lucky tiers" #222 or so wins like 2 event epics #777 the 2 event rares, a 1 person tier, Just those small lucky things make it funny. The possibilities are great and I hope this game developpers will keep listening to the users. I hope you guys have some people outside of developpers who beta test it, ask a group of players what they think of your ideas before trying to implement and have enough surveys of what playets will like to see or want to get rid off. In my opinion I just like the idea of thinking for new features in a game. Which not only balance spenders/nonspenders, but also adds new ways of thinking and new strategies.