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Lizzie, AcidDaMan and Stangata's idea Page.

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  • Lizzie, AcidDaMan and Stangata's idea Page.

    Hello my name is Stangata, I’ve been discussing these points with AcidDaMan and Lizzie. And we brought up these ideas which could be beneficial for this game. We’ve added some pictures to clear things out. ( bulletpoints 1,2,6).

    1: I think everyone agrees to this point but we should be able to Ascend and Descend cards by it’s stats. We already got it for rarity. But what if we could arrange monsters attack/defence/health/wisdom/agility. This way you can easier scroll through your cards and find what you want, you need a heavy defender? Just touch a button and highest defender will be first in line. Same way for the other stats. But not only that. We should be able to arrange it on card level, skill level. This way you can see what you’re training. I’ve got 2 more points Newest cards and name. Ive attached 2 pictures to illustrate it

    2: Mark a monster with a figure. I like to mark my monsters. Give them a Star for my Pvp squad. Give them a Circle for my Training. But that’s my taste, I mainly like marking them because I train 8 rares at the same time. And I won’t be the first evolving a rare with max Skill level as a seed. Just because I didn’t pay enough attention. If you are able to mark a monster you could easily see what monster is spawn and which is a seed. I’ve also included pictures for this.

    3: A Catalogue. One that covers max stats and which also covers what skill the card has. You probably are already busy with it. Just stating that it is important for us.

    4: Guilds. Everyone is looking for teamplay. You can work together but also chat together! Something very important in our opinion. We’ve thought of 2 ways of playing it, Maybe there are more.

    4.1 Guild Squads. When you create a Guild you could pick a Card as beginners card. You can level this card while you win of other guilds. But what’s a squad with 1 card? Not much. Players, like me, Acid, lizzie or one of the others could add up to 1 card into the squad. One they like. So 9 people have to insert 1 card into the squad to make a final team. This way you got to create a team with your team. ( Just an additional idea if you win you don’t only receive Xp, contributors or “your guild” gets guildpoints. With those points you can buy things individually or as a guild. 1 wins gives 3 points, a lose gives 0. When reached 30 points you can buy all members 1 silver binding, when you got 100 points you can buy every member an Annalyte or a water of courage. Also if you win you get Glory, if you lose you lose glory, this way you can create a Guild ranking board.

    4.2 Another idea for guilds is that you make guild Pvp! Full guilds vs full guilds. This could be an event. Let’s say troops are constructed by 15 people. So it is 15vs15 Randomly matched. The guild with most wins, wins the game and gets the points. If your troop doesn’t have 15 persons and your opponent does you lose those matches. Earn your points and reach he top!
    There are many, many more possibilities with guilds. Just covered a few.

    5. A Market. People are dying to trade mobs. To keep people from scamming you may only trade max level cards of the same rarity. Rare 1 star for Rare 1 star. Beginners epic banned.

    6. If you show cards max stats make sure they are max. check my pictures for how my Sarlin, The Scribe looks like and what you said would be max stats. Indeed… My Sarlin has 1,468 attack more. “Max stats” are supposed to be their real max stats. He is fully enhanced, but even without enhancement it would have higher stats than blades said it would. Just make sure max stats are the actually max stats!

    7: Harder Regions. When you implemented Stone Garden I hoped it was harder than the ones before. But it’s barely harder. I easily make it through. Make a region where you need real skills to make it through. Not just every epic team can go through it.

    8: Storage. I’m not sure but I got 100 storage spots and I need more. Is there a possibility you can make us buy more storage spots or get more storage spots?

    9: The tournament I pointed out earlier

    10: Weekly Lottery! We may pick our own numbers. 4 digits. 0-9. And you draw once a week a few numbers 1 correct number is silver coin 2 numbers is 10 silver coins and a annalyte. 3 correct digits is 500 gems 4 correct digits 1000 gems!

    Got any questions about any bulletpoint? You just wanna reply cuz it's that awesome? Or just want to make changes/add things? just reply here or Look for us in the game! We're always arround!

    Thanks for Reading and your replies!

    Happy Blading!

    *Lizzie, AcidDaMan and Stangata,

    Click image for larger version

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    Only could Implement 4 Pictures, here are the last 2

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Sarlin.jpg
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      Hi Guys,

      These are some excellent suggestions and our design team was very happy to receive them. To show you we valued them, please check your Bank for a surprise!

      Community Team


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        glad you liked the ideas Few things I forgot to add before are:- A) on/off switch for some animations which unnecessary to save battery life on the move B) ability to store sacrifice xp up on something maybe those luggaaths, for later use, maybe some loss, to help with limited card slots C) dungeon event needs something to tie mana use in as well, or make pvp thing more rewarding like when you do runs on missions Thanks for listening!


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          Hi Guys, Would it be possible to implement a 1 time feature which allows us to pick a different leader? Speaking from my own experience, when I downloaded this game it was just to test it out like many other games so I didn't care which leader I chose. After playing and seeing that it's like a game that I used to play but better in a lot of areas I started playing it competitively. I find that my leader clashes with my style of play now and I'm sure other players are finding themselves in the same situation. I think if you added a 1 time leader change feature in the shop for a fee that it would sell easily and also make a lot of players very happy. Also another suggestion is to give each leader a team effect. Such as my leader is attack based, his bonus could give a +1000 stat boost to attack for each member on my team. Each leader could have the same +1000 bonus to its team depending on which area it's strongest in such as defense, hp, wisdom, etc...


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            Sweet ideas!! Hope to see them really soon