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  • Lots of ideas!

    Hi guys/gals,
    Here are some improvement items from the LINE community, that I have gathered.

    Experience Boosters - These would be of tremendous value; as a card pack buying player, it takes an extraordinary amount of time to level up all my characters, most often not enough time to before the next event. Having exp boosters would be awesome in leveling. Either that or significantly improved exp gains at higher levels.

    Big Boss Battle Event - This is where people get bonuses for fighting a big boss, Rather than a rank system, it'll be based on damage tiers, at each tier of damage points to the big boss, everyone gets rewards. This will appease f2p players and give them an opportunity to get good cards as well as give the p2p a new event to get rewards on. The higher the points the higher the rewards, people can either grind or pay to build up the points. Everyone gets new rewards, everyone is happy. Exclusive card packs can drop special cards that do extra damage too, giving an incentive for p2p players to continue to get packs.

    Better Binding Rewards - The bronze coins are quite frankly, useless. If you could trade them up for silver coins that'd be the best, otherwise moving everything up a little bit (allowing r's in bronze, e's in silver) and overall better percentage of rare card draws would be awesome.

    New Skills/Existing Skills - The lack of skills in the epic level is quite disappointing. In the UC level and the low tier rare level, there is a wide range of skills. Freezing, debuffs, stuns, etc... bringing this to the table would be awesome.

    Card Art - While I understand that it is easy to reuse card art when making new characters, some of the evolutions are just too identical to make me want to invest in them (as they just change to look at different sides left right left right. One of my favourite cards, although useless (Ulhjar) has ideal character evolutions. Another thing, many of the rares of epic 4s look awesome and don't have glowing eyes. Glowing weapons = Okay, glowing eyes = *eye roll*. On a personal note, you guys should make more parahumans & nonhumanoids; the ones you've done are awesome.

    Improved Guardians - These guys all need a buff, either increasing the levels (letting them evolve or something) or increasing the proc chances on the others (apart from Gellantra; the angel guardian) would allow them to remain in people's deck if removing them is not an option.

    Card Archive - Would be nice to see all the cards I've collected.

    Card Library - Definitely needs to be bigger, my allowed 80 card limit has already been topped (partially cause of slow leveling). My bank is already stockpiling everything I can't hold.

    Customer Support - This needs no changing, you guys always do an awesome job, always courteous, fast, and helpful.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and consider the recommendations.

    goonies (a.k.a. angel cookies)

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    Some cool summoning animation sequences or battle animations would be lovely (like pokemon or GI Joe battleground.