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Raid gods & guild vault

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  • Raid gods & guild vault

    Hey guys,

    I've got an idea.
    Since everyone is eager for resources, especially crystals now a days.
    WIth these guilds can come guild vaults. A guild vault where rewards goto that are randomly earned from raid gods.
    A raid god may spawn random on a map, where people from a guild have to rush towards the raid god.
    The first one has to create the raid, so others can join. It takes atleast 3 people to launch the raid, but you need to damage. Be wise before launching. ( you might need several more people to join for extra damage to defeat the raid god. ) Once a guild has defeated it, its gone for a random interval.
    The god has dropped goodies, cards, crystals, extra useful things. Perhaps even something for the guild itself ( boost for next event, etcetera. )
    Crystals, cards, and other consumables can be distributed by the guild leader.

    Not only is there a raid god, but theres a world god. A world god has ton of HP and takes multiple raids. Each raid costing 15 energy to join.
    The damage stacks, and when it dies the rewards are randomly divided over the damage.