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  • Pretty basic stuff

    Aight guys, i heard your studio is called caramel because youre so sweet and willing to listen. Mkay, i might be making that up but still, here are some very basic things that i think should be implemented. First of all list of all obtainable cards, having the possibility to inspect other people decks, not just visually but being able to zoom in those cards and the possibility to add friends to make the chatting between people that arent completely blunt easier. I believe youre actually already working on those things, but still, i wanted to get it out here just in case. Ill be adding more ideas once i get the whole image, playing for 3 days dont give me the rights to go in more depth. Still just wanted to let you know that game is great, and a lot of us got addicted already. Keep it up

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    All i know they are bringing in alliances but i really like the idea of being able to spectate peoples decks seems like a really good idea and maybe even bring duels in so you can face your friends! But you guys are doing great and im addicted haha havent slept for 25 hours because of the game


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      This game is great. But u NEED to change the Capture-Function. It's not possible to catch a Rare or Epic ELEMENTAL. Just C and UC... GERMANY