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  • Exploit!

    If you join a map that has a fight on the 1st tile, you can defeat him, retreat and redo to get TONS of xp. Doing this allows people to level incredibly fast without needing to continue the campaign until they 1 shot everything. Also if there's loot just after the fight you can get the loot over and over to grind items that you need. A map example would be the 3rd stage of Wings of Death event, on the 1st tile you can fight Dwarves that give 292xp, after defeating them you can move 1 more tile and get 4 Orbs of Radiance. 30x292 = 7200. Using 30 energy I can get a max of 7200xp, if you can spare energy before leveling up you can spend some time getting Orbs. Please fix this problem, some ideas would be to either not allowing retreats until you are X amount distance from the start or limits on how often you can do retreats.
    Thank you for your time <3 Great game, keep up the good work

    -WhatWouldScotDo <3